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Four Reasons to Use Tong Ren Healing for Your Pet
Can Tong Ren therapy help your pet? The answer, as you will discover, is yes, it can, just as it can help people with health problems. Here are just four reasons you might consider using Tong Ren therapy:

l. Tong Ren is always available. You don"t have to pack up a nervous animal and transport it to the vet.
2. Tong Ren is inexpensive.
3. Tong Ren is easy to learn.
4. Tong Ren comforts your pet-you are always in control.

Companion animals become an integral part of our lives, and this bond can sometimes be as enduring and closer than those of our human friends. For some elderly people, a pet dog or cat may be the only companionship they have for days on end. Pets comfort us and give us understanding, friendship and unconditional love. They are also great entertainers. For many people, the act of taking care of a pet is their lifeline and fulfills their need to be needed. For disabled persons, animals provide not only companionship but also needed services. Naturally, we want our pets to live their lives in comfort and health. Aside from proper nutrition, attention, play and the responsibility for socializing our pets, we must provide them with health care. In this respect, Tong Ren Therapy is a tool worth considering.

Tong Ren is a skill you can learn to help your pet. It can heal many diseases. Tong Ren may relieve your pet"s anxiety about changes as well as situations, like going to the vet"s or being placed in a carrier. Tong Ren may also be a comfort to a pet facing the end of their life. My hope is that the information in this lens will benefit pets and animals and their owners.

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